WORDFINDER - test your vocabulary and spelling.

In each puzzle, see how many words of three or more letters you can find using the letters in the polygon. All words must include the letter in the centre of the polygon. Proper nouns, plurals and foreign words are not allowed. There is always at least one word which uses all the letters: can you find it?

7-letter words: 1
7-letter words: 2
7-letter words: 3
7-letter words: 4
7-letter words: 5
9-letter words: 1
9-letter words: 2
9-letter words: 3
9-letter words: 4
9-letter words: 5

An extensive vocabulary and excellent spelling are vital for success at Verbal Reasoning as well as English. We recommend that all children spend time every week playing word games such as Scrabble and Boggle.